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How to enable physically impaired person in a wheelchair to overcome the stairs with the least effort?

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The prices of stair transport systems are very high on the market. The solution described below, which represents a much lower cost, consists of the following elements:
1: electric winch
2: wired remote control (not used)
3: remote receiver connected to wired remote control
4: wireless remote transmitter (remote) attached to the stroller using velcro tape
5: 220V power supply
6: steel rope the trolley is attached to
7: U-profiled sheet metal rails
8: stroller

remote controlled stairlift

The stairlift does not occupy much space and using the remote (4) with "up" and "down" buttons:


makes it easy to handle:

Transport along the stairs is also possible with a stroller facing in the other direction:

When there is no electricity or if we intend to do manual transport (without an electric winch):

only slightly wider than the wheels of the stroller, U-profiled rails (7) fastened to the stairway are used and the distance between them is large enough not to hinder normal walking the stairs:

stair ramp

By using a pulleys system, the implementation for stairway with a turn is also possible. An example for a 180° turn:


P.S.: Your backbone will be grateful... wink

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