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How to prevent insects and dirt from entering through the roof window?
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The solution is roof window screen that consists of the upper part (1) attached to the frame, and the lower part (5) attached to the sash of the roof window. Installing the screen is tool-less and requires no intervention in roof window. The screen can be installed on roof windows of any size with a top or bottom opening handle. On pivot-roof-window upper part and lower part can be installed, on only-top-roof-window only lower part can be installed. Using the screen does not require additional handling. The screen, which also acts as an awning blind, mainly does not obstruct the view and allows full opening also for a highly or close together built-in roof windows.Roof Window ScreenMore about Roof Window Screen ...

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Hallo. Where can I buy this solution?
This is a prototype that I made to solve a mosquito problem in my attic bathroom.
Prototype was installed in year 2010 and is still performing its function perfectly.
I'm looking for someone who would bring this prototype to production.

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